- 15 - Romania - Cancer - Female -

General: I like to do some codes, drawing, dancing or singing, watching some youtube videos and memes.

Her favourite aesthetic: angelcore, emocore/scenecore, vintagecore, grandmacore, cybercore, vhscore and vaporwave or as I would call this one vaporcore.

Things that she likes: memes, kermit, kuromi, Twomad, Pewds, rocky musics, indie music, a little bit of pop music and kpop music, chinese eggman, budgies, Porter Robinson, Gfoty, Kero Kero Bonito, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, MSI, 80s/90s/2000s music, vaporwave, lofi hiphop and future funk.

Things that she dislikes: some sort of old and cringey memes like this sh!tty trollface ugh, white tree frogs because their hands are fcking ugly, tiktoks, these annyoing renegade motherfcking dancers (ReNeGaDe, rEnEgAdE, ReNeGaDe, rEnEgAdE), ANimATioN MemEs, china (kinda), these sh!tty soft fucning popular deejays (MarShmeLlOo and ALLan WAnkER), psychopaths looking kpop stans, mcr stans and 5 gang stans, these sh!tty nursery rhymes for little children like CoCoMeLon and TrALaLa, new and sh!tty roamnian youtubers/gamers, manele, 'cuz ugh, I hate it so much, fucn manele and 5 gang too (back then was so good and now it turns trash), too many popular kpop bands pop-ups.

If you want to see pics of me, they're stll right here: